Black salt is great for absorbing negativity - it's basically a psychic sponge protecting you from all the crap.


Here are a few basic uses:


Sprinkle around doorways or boundary to ward off negative energy, intruders and beings that would cause you harm

Place in each corner of your home creating a ring of protection (you can add selenite bars by windows to enhance this)


Place some in a small bag and carry in your pocket or bag to deter negative beings from interacting with you or to absorb their negativity.

Toss some into the footsteps of those you don't want to return.

Place a small sealed bag under your pillow or bed to ward of nightmares


Use to cast circles when working spells

Add to spell jars & charms - particularly for protection


It isn't an edible salt, it is a salt created for use in your daily magical practices

Created from an ancestral concoction - cauldron ash, rock salt, bay & black pepper using a crystal wand to blend.


Although I stand by my products I am required by law to state; all items are sold as curios and must not replace professional medical advice.

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