The Triple Goddess and Motherhood

Updated: Feb 1

What is the triple goddess?

It is the Divine feminine on a linear path of the three stages we journey through as women; Maiden-Mother-Wise Woman (Crone). Although we all experience these shifts of phases at different times and during varying aspects of our life. The Triple Goddess is closely linked to the moon and her accompanying feminine energies. The symbol of the Triple Goddess is that of the three phases of the moon; the waxing crescent, the full moon and the waning crescent. She is a three-fold form encompassing the cycles of the moon, woman and the life/death cycle. You can take a historical ride back to ancient civilizations when goddesses still had a great standing of worship and regard where you will discover many major goddesses held three roles closely related or identical to that of woman-mother-crone. I’m not going to take you on a historical journey but a personal one which will get you unstuck and on your way to authentic motherhood.

Maiden – The Waxing Crescent

Associated with dawn, sunrise and spring

This is your time of potential. When you have left infancy and childhood but are still free. It is the time you believe you can have everything as a women. You are blossoming and beautiful. You use your self-confidence and independence to explore and discover. This is your time of self-expression, creativity and non-conformities. You are hunting for friendships, experiences, your talents and a mate.

Mother – The Full Moon

Associated with midday, the high-sun and summer

When you birthed your baby you birthed a mother. Celebrate this rite of passage because hell woman you deserve it! Women uniquely have the ability to birth and continue the cycle of life. You are nurturing, conscious and illuminating. It is at this stage women are hearing and responding to their feminine superpowers. It is at this stage of your linear life journey of womanhood often gets stuck; hold that thought we will get back to it.

The Wise-woman (Crone) – The Waning Crescent

Associated with sunset, night, autumn and winter

This is the time of reflection and wisdom. You use the gifts of transformation and prophecy to guide those still journeying on their linear pathway of womanhood. You are the village elder, tribal historian who can support the mother as she heals and discovers her authentic self. If you do it right you are the radical grey-haired woman ruling the world. You are the reminder that the cycle of life continues and new birth comes after the darkness.

Stuck Between the Maiden and the Mother

What does the modern world tell us? What do we tell ourselves? It tells us that we as women can have it all, that motherhood does not change us. Then to top it all the tale of perfect motherhood exists and we can obtain it if only we follow this advice or that advice, buy this new gadget or this version of essentials. All the while forgetting to tell us we were never meant to mother alone and that it takes a village to raise a child and nurture a mother. I am writing this in 2020 during a globally pandemic and a world that is just beginning to open up to a new normal after three months of lockdown and isolation. To those of you who birthed or were mothering infants during this time I salute you because damn it’s hard enough with modern societal lack of community and family but to have the physical isolation too well done; you are an awesome mother!

It is no wonder we get stuck wanting to keep all that we had as maiden but not grabbing all that we are offered as mother. The qualities and experiences formed in maiden do not need to be left behind but need and should be brought to your motherhood to build upon. Now be aware motherhood is the time that your inner self, your feminine energy starts to stir and call you. This is especially true if you have been tipping towards your masculine energy being dominant or suppressing the goddess within you. It is now that you need to look in and work on your inner self, your authentic self because if you want to be the mum that halves her mummy struggles and discovers her authentic version of motherhood there is no other way.

Are you ready to align with your motherhood? Don’t wait to become the mother you were born to be but discover her within you. She has always been there waiting for you to trust your feminine intuition, maternal instincts and listen to her calling. She is the Divine feminine and she wants you in your mother phase to be empowered. She wants you to grab your feminine superpower and nurture your child to be a part of the next generation; one that will be enlightened, gentler and conscious because of the authentic mother which raised them. The power is within you.

Nixie Foster - The Motherhood Mentor to high–flying female entrepreneurs and career women. The founder of ‘High-Flyer to Authentic Motherhood in 13 Steps’; a mentorship program to assist you in shifting mummy guilt, shifting mum anxiety and become successful mum and women in perfect balance.

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