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The fourth trimester - week 9

Week 9 was uneventful. In “new parent language'', that means a huge success!!

The baby has started smiling and cooing and interacting. He enjoys tummy time and falls asleep on his bouncer… as long as someone is on duty to monitor that it bounces. He even let us get around to some Christmas shopping without much fuss.

My lovely work colleagues sent a care package and with that came a handmade crochet elephant, done by my talented work colleague - good with numbers, AND good with art. It was good to know that I hadn’t been completely forgotten by my workmates!

This week also saw me finally again getting to work on my career strategy programme, and I did the worst thing possible for my online business - I printed some flyers! God, mum brain… what was I even thinking?

So you see, like I said, this week was completely uneventful… the fact that I was feeling stupid and making silly decisions were the highlight, and like I said, that’s not always a bad thing! :)

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