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The fourth trimester - week 8

Week 8, aka the week of vaccinations! It’s horrible… more for you than the baby! I wish there was something to take away the pain of being vaccinated, like those drops you know. But vaccines are a necessary evil that is going to protect your child and protect the community for the rest of their life. And honestly, they remember it for 5 seconds (if that) but you as a parent are traumatised for hours. Knowing this, gave me immense strength though I teared up completely. Also realised that it’s not really easy to administer a dose of Calpol to a baby who detests the taste of it completely. Thankfully for us, the baby was completely fine in himself and didn’t run a fever.

My friends recommended that I carry the Calpol and let the nurse administer the first dose, but it’s actually far easier when they’re not screaming the building down. The other handy couple of things to know was that there are 3 vaccines to be injected- 2 in one leg and 1 in another. Trust me mumma, it feels horrible but it protects your child, so is totally worth it. After all, aren't we desperately hoping for a vaccine to save us from Covid-19? Keep a bottle of milk close by though because some babies will just have a suck of the bottle and forget that they were in pain like a second ago!

For me, week 8 also was the week when we had another Christmas meetup with the girls and babies. It was super fun to have a chilled out day and with all the babies lined up on the carpet. I must say that my mum’s group is a lot of strong women- having people over with a baby seems like a stretch project to me most days. And having another 8 babies over? That’s brave!! But fun prefers the brave and fun we did have, seeing all the kiddies in their Christmas jumpers. Oh btw, fun mum tip - don’t try baking experiments with a new baby when your brain isn’t working. I tried baking for our little gathering and had to throw out everything and eventually get a little gift from the store nearby. You don’t need to be a super mum - it’s not a competition!

And the other thing I still am trying to crack 8 weeks down is, how on earth do I get the baby to enjoy the bath rather than screaming murder? Tips?! I have the Angelcare support which I was putting in our bath but that’s not cutting it. But something tells me that like everything else, I’ll eventually figure this out too…

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