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The fourth trimester - week 7

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

My lessons of the week:

  • You might hope and believe that the world is baby friendly by now. It’s not!

  • If you’re wondering if the baby has enough layers, they don’t.

  • Taking the time out for yourself is the key to keep you sane

Why? Glad you asked!

Week 7 saw us continue our bravery with stepping out. I went to meet my workmates by the Tower of London, and tried chatting up by the river… except it was freezing cold and bad mum didn’t think this through. The poor baby who actually rarely cries, was cold and whimpering. We had to jump into the nearest restaurant and skip visiting the Christmas markets. 3 layers and no pramsuit by the riverside would be enough? What was I thinking?!!

But getting out did a couple of good things - meeting workmates made me feel like I had another identity and that my brain still is capable of working through complex problems. That in itself gave me the confidence boost for the rest of the week. The train journey back home was a nightmare in the rush hour though… honestly what was I thinking? Thankfully people are incredibly kind and let us have a seat.

Obviously the frozen child meant I went and shopped for jackets and pramsuits the very next day… because over the weekend for our wedding anniversary, we were planning to visit Oxford for tea and then go to the Christmas markets and then do dinner.

Someone should have warned me against visiting Christmas markets with a newborn though because the diaper changing facilities don’t exist in most of the places. Also the place we go to for tea in Oxford isn’t really baby friendly. Nor was the place we chose for dinner!! In a week we pretty much realised that the world isn’t as baby friendly as new parents would want them to be. Lesson learned!!

But hey, at least we got out for a meal that was far more pleasant than the last few, we got the baby out for two day trips in a week and he was fine. We didn’t break the baby. In fact, the baby was happier to be outdoors and slept the whole day we were in Oxford. Who would have guessed?

We also gradually started to get back to our meditation practice, which made everything far more sane than the previous few weeks. Going back to our regular practice made us better in every way. If you’re wondering if it’s selfish to take time out, it’s not! You can’t pour from a cup that’s empty, you can’t share the good vibes around if you’re not feeling any of them. We did well, really well!

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