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The fourth trimester - week 6

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Week 6 was eventful for us. For the first time ever, I appreciated how disabling a physical handicap could be. Let me explain - I wasn’t given the green light to drive. So, I decided to meet my mum’s group a few miles away, and I opted to take the train. In spite of co-passengers being extremely helpful and nice, it was a proper pain to get in and out with a pushchair, especially when the section wound hadn’t completely healed. If that wasn’t enough, the few stations I had to take or change trains from, didn’t have working lifts. Can you believe it? I live in London. It’s almost 2020! I had to carry the pushchair while climbing a flight of stairs, my section almost making me go numb. Not once. Not twice. Three stations this happened!

I am not one to quit. So, the next day, I took to the bus, suspecting it would be easier. It wasn’t. Around lunch time, I had to wait for 2 hours to get onto a bus because I wasn’t allowed to park the pushchair anywhere else other than the designated wheelchair area, and if there was a wheelchair, that took priority. There were wheelchairs and other mums with pushchairs who were already in the designated area. I just have new found respect for people who are physically disabled and yet function like everyone else in this society.

If you were wondering, what I was doing with my mum’s group, we had gone for brunch and “baby comedy”. The comedy was that with a bunch of newborns, we hardly got time to enjoy what the comic had to say. We were busy feeding, changing and queuing up for a change. The irony of life!

This was also the week for our pre-Christmas NCT group drinks with the dads. And we realised how well the mums knew each other while the dads were starting afresh and catching up on who’s who.

Finally, week 6 ended with a trip to the GP who basically said I’d have to bear with the pain and get used to living a different life. Amazing! I love the NHS and it’s expertise but these 10 minutes GP sessions could be so much better… I guess week 6 just wasn’t my week. I didn’t feel amazing, empowered or awesome. I didn’t even feel depressed, angry, or sad. It was the week of “Blah!”

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