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The fourth trimester - week 10

Week 10… the CHRISTMAS week!!! Baby’s first Christmas… My sister gifted him a slogan sleepsuit: “All mummy wants for Christmas is a silent night!” That basically summarises our first Christmas.

My cousin hosted the Christmas Eve dinner and it felt nice to be normal and have a buffet of good homemade food. The baby got his first Christmas gift, which honestly mum wanted to steal and hide because my auntie made a crochet 2-in-1 doll… so much love in handmade stuff, and so much skill!

But Christmas day? That was different! New parents forgot how busy it gets at the last minute to get a bird. So we went to the store five minutes before they were shutting down, only to realise that they were out of whole birds… so we went rogue on Christmas Day and had a meal of assorted stuff that we had in the fridge. Easily the worst Christmas meal we had in a long long time but joyous nevertheless. Everything you do around a baby is joyous… they keep you grounded because of the lack of big egos. And how much ever frustrated or sleep deprived you are, you can never be mad at a baby, even less so on Christmas Day.

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