Ordinary Magic

I walk among those with blinkers on. For many years I walked silently, a watcher hidden in plain sight. I saw the tentacles of energy slither and snake out into the collective. I saw an absence of colour seep into the world, a trudge. Feminine in divine was caged, locked away within gilded cages decorated with smiles, perfect nails and the glamour of stuff.

I saw a spark within many but watched, unsure, uncertain, crippled in pain as trauma upon trauma brought chaos and overwhelm along for the ride. Eyes wide shut woman walked with a yearning inside, a soul-led knowing of there is more. Waiting for the time when they remembered - rejoiced - relearnt to hold their heads as if wearing a crown. The crown ripped in stealth from the head of queens, warrior goddesses and wise wild woman.

In isolation, solitary, separated and in fear stood the awakened. Unsure of the path they followed, the life they chose. And then the shift began...a ripple in a pond, a small flickering flame lighting up another's soul. So was begun the birth of the long awaited return when each of us was called to action, when the shift of having being changed to become.

For me it began on a walk with my son. A crunch heard among the leaves.

A whisper of a breath with no one there. It was just myself and my son. We moved on connecting with the ancient

landscape that surrounds our home. The crunch of footfalls followed. He heard it too and the fear ingrained within me picked up speed. Hand in hand we began to run and as his legs couldn't keep up I scooped him into my arms. The crunching of feet upon leaves matched mine. I could not see a foe or threat

but I was alone, a female in the woods with her young son. I began to chastise myself that no one knew where we were. My brain jumped ahead; how long before someone would notice us missing. My heart was pounding, my breath was failing so I paused. I searched for my cloak of protection that I had allowed to fall. Searching inside of myself for my magic hoping it was enough.

I bent my head to kiss my sons nose, reassuring him that all was ok that he was safe. He smiled back at me full of joy. His words were - 'mama I like noise you make on the leaves - do again, do again.' I listened for the crunch upon leaves and there was silence. My own fear had created more than there was. A fear ingrained into my DNA, taught to me from my sons young age; you as female are not safe in this world, you as female are responsible for others actions, you as female are weak and prey. My eyes wide shut flew open.

It is time for me, myself and I to be seen. It is time for the feminine to rise again. Time for the responsibility to lie at the feet whose truth it is. Feminine in divine - the everyday magic! Together we come, together we stand. No longer separated by the half truths and shadows cast from the patriarchal society. It is time to create ripples. Time to be heard. We are the way-showers. The lights that shine the way. Fear is not our heritage and blame is not our shame. Strength and love, nurture and truth...we rise, we reclaim!

Hi I am Nixie; artist, author & moon witch. My soul-led mission is to empower soul-centred mamas on their divine feminine journey.

If you enjoy this space please come and join me on Facebook where you will find my communities of soul-led, mission based women in Crystal Moon Sanctuary - for the soul-centred mum/mom & the Spiritual Cauldron of Divine Mamahood.

Founder and CEO of Moon & Magic Menagerie a metaphysical supply shop where you will discover crystals, moons, witchy stuff, spiritual artwork, spiritual card decks, books & courses to light the way on your journey.

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