How structuring motherhood through your feminine energy is a massive game changer!

Are you aware that the way most of you structure your day comes from the masculine energy? It is all centred on the do, do, doing of being. This is why it is preconceived that women are always late or take forever to get ready. Trying to work to a schedule that comes from a place of masculine energy is focused on ego, the pride of being on time; but at what cost? A head buried in a schedule does not experience life or be present in the moment; it misses the best bit of just being not having to be doing.

Now before you panic and think I can barely have a structure to the day with a schedule, without one chaos will not only threaten to but actually take over, I am not asking you to chuck scheduling out the window. Without a structure I would quickly sink beneath the wave of overwhelm. I am offering you a new way. A way that is aligned with you and working for you in your feminine goddess super-powered motherhood.

So what am I offering? A different way, a way aligned with your feminine energy. Activating and aligning with your feminine energy is the quickest route to shifting your day from organised chaos to a successful flow. So chuck that schedule away and start structuring if you want to thrive in motherhood and business.

You are going to take inspired action, not the doing action that is about ego and achievement that is all go, go, go and burnout. You are going to have to be committed to this and not slip back into the habits of a schedule. Most of all you are going to shift that mum guilt about putting yourself first because that is the key to your new inspired action plan working.

Choose a day when you know you can have one to two hours uninterrupted. Wait I know you are a mum and working your business whilst running family life but you can find the time. If you don’t you are going to keep running that hamster wheel and occasionally spinning out. So are you committed?

Do you work from a planner? If not you get to treat yourself to some new stationary! I get so excited when there is a reason to buy new stationary. There are whole heaps of awesome and beautiful planners out there, why not grab a cuppa and do some scrolling till you find one that calls to you. Now for the first tip of inspired action structuring, set an alarm. How many minutes do you have free? How many minutes do you want to give to this task? That is how long you are setting your timer for, now find that planner. You have come from within, you have begun to connect with your feminine and be empowered and in control. You did not look outside of yourself for the answer by thinking ahead or if the outside influenced the amount of time you devoted to the task.

Now you have your planner and you are holding a set time and space for the task it is time to structure your week. Decided on a time of day your day starts and a time of day your day finishes. Ideally these are your wake-up and go to sleep time. But you’re a mother right and that means you are likely to be woken at non- scheduled times for night feeds or cuddles or at a time which is still the middle of the night just because it is time to play.

How do you split your day up? Not the disjointed way of the masculine schedule that can have you jumping here there and everywhere every hour to half-hour. You are going to chunk it by listening to your inner self and trusting that feminine intuition and maternal instinct. What are the categories that your activities in the day fall into? Here are mine; self-care, family fun time, business activities, and household activities. Yours may be different; it is what matters to you and what you need to do. Now it’s time to structure your week and days. Before you start are there any activities that can’t be moved? By this I mean baby groups you attend or doctor’s appointment, meetings you have to attend or calls booked in. Write them in. Now I have a different coloured ink for each of my categories which meant I got to buy more beautiful stationery, my planner looks awesome and most importantly I can clearly see what category is happening when. I hope you find this as much fun and creative as I do.

Now chunk out each day into the categories but you start with self-care because you can’t keep filling everyone else’s cup without filling yours. The mother that nurtures herself is the mother that thrives.

Don’t be listing a whole heap of stuff in there just block out the times at least 30 mins long.

Now chunk out the fun stuff, the family stuff and next income producing/business hours and finally what has to be done sh$t like household chores. Are you sure you have been honest with yourself?

Have you really come from looking inside yourself, connected to your soul, self, psyche we all have a name for it? Or are you still looking outside coming from a place of ego, overwhelm, burnout and what will so and so think if I don’t do that or do this?

Once you are happy that this is how you want your week to be now you can start filling in the chunks with what is happening at that time. Remember you are coming from inspired action a place that wants you to experience life, be present, partake and just be.

You are not filling every half hour slot with doing, which is just looking outside and letting ego take over. You do not have to have a long list of achievements at the end of each day to be successful; having a list of experiences where you were present shows you are successful and fulfils you without the mum guilt or anxieties. You have taken one step closer to thriving in motherhood and business.

Here is what you are going to put into those chunks of time; the feeling, the outcome or the activity to achieve within that chunk of time. You can put in play, laugh, create, clean, generate leads, exercise, marketing, podcast appearance.

Worried you will miss something important that needs doing that week? Don’t be because on that same page you will have a list with the most important has to be done at the top. When you stop one category and start the next work your way down the list crossing off as you go.

Here is a great tip that an amazing mentor I work with told me; don’t make it a to-do list make it a ta-da list. Every time I cross an item off I say out loud ta-da; try it and see the difference in your mindset, vibration and emotion.

Use your plan to manifest the life you desire by feeling it.

You will see how much space you have in your day to achieve success. You will thrive in both motherhood and business because it is full of inspired actions coming from your feminine super-power energy. The do, do, doing of the masculine energy has been given a conscious path and illuminated the importance of being present.

Live is meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy it! Be the awesome mum you want to be! Be present! Turn work into a business that you love and get excitement from! Thrive!

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