Has motherhood awakened your feminine superpowers?

Let me begin with that no matter what form maiden took for you motherhood will stir a power within you that for generations we as women have suppressed, well at least in western society. Living in a patriarchal world and being a female entrepreneur or corporate woman will almost certainly mean your balance of energy was tipped to the masculine. I am not knocking this. Powerful women have been celebrated because they demonstrated strength and ruthlessness associated with the masculine energy for decades. But wait, there is a new way rising and at its centre is the mumpreneur.

The world is slowly being taken over by a tribe of female leaders bringing with them a whole heap of feminine energy. This feminine energy isn’t thought weak or soft but conscious and illuminating. The successful mumpreneur has listened to the stirrings within and embraced her feminine superpower. She has taken the time to discover her authentic version of motherhood so that she can be in control of mummy struggles and live the version of motherhood which works for her, baby and business to thrive.

Where to Start?

For starters I am not asking you to dump your power suits and suddenly run around barefoot. Well not unless that is what works for you. I am in the barefoot camp but have been since the day I was born. It works for me but that is not what embracing your feminine superpower and energy is about. You have to look within. Trust yourself, embrace the awakening and strengthen your position. You have always had everything you need within you. It is society that has convinced you that you do not.

Let’s look at this more;

Women look outside of themselves for approval and what action they should take.

Men look inside themselves for approval and what action they should take.

To find your authentic version of motherhood it is time to start trusting your feminine energies. It is time to trust your feminine intuition and maternal instincts. You will be balancing strength, fierceness and discipline with gentleness, compassion and freedom. Activating your feminine superpower will balance and empower your masculine energies. You will be the badass female entrepreneur that has perfect balance. You will be an inspirational awesome mother and a kickass successful female entrepreneur. You will manage both with grace, love, nurturing and humanity.

Are You Ready to Take a Leap of Faith?

You are aware of yoga, alternative therapies, mindfulness and self-development. There is a reason why they are on an increase in awareness. We as women are responding to the feminine superpowers and as mums embracing our authentic motherhood. We are seeking a new way to experience and look at the world.

Are you ready to explore the next step to authentic motherhood?

Are you ready to be introduced to the five elements of motherhood?






Once you discover which element relates to you and your authentic motherhood you can begin to investigate how to use this. You can use it as a tool to enhance your ever evolving journey through motherhood, understand the struggles and ways to work through them successfully.

Moon – Intuitive

You are insightful, deeply emotional and look for the intention behind your experiences. You are the spiritual, intuitive member of the mum tribe.

Air – Social

You crave company, collective experiences and creating inclusive experiences. You are the mum tribe social organiser.

Water – Caring

You are easily overcome by experiences and the accompanying emotions. You are nurturing and caring to the mum tribe.

Earth – Creative

You are grounded and have a strong sense of self, finding growth in learning. You are the creative force for ideas and experiences in the mum tribe.

Sun – Action

You thrive in sharing your ideas and passion; motivating and energising those around you. You are the natural leader of your mum tribe.

Which one do you align with?

You will have a bit of each element within you but which is the dominant one? You may find yourself aligning with two. Which one is your authentic element that will lead you in discovering your authentic motherhood?

I have given you the outward looking description and place within the mum tribe because you are taking the step to look in. You may not clearly be able to see the inner talents of your motherhood element until embarking on the journey of discovering your authentic motherhood.

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