Struggling to kick start your spiritual motherhood and don’t know where to start?

My brand-new Moon Gazing Empowerment Journal will help you to embrace the change you need right now in your motherhood and life.

I know how hard it is to step out of overwhelm as a mum and create sustainable change, in fact it takes 29 1/2 days to follow one full moon cycle and embed the habits you need to change just ONE thing, but just eight different aligned actions. I have helped many women and mums over the years to find clarity and purpose empowering them to discover their true self and now I want to help you!

Are you fed up of feeling out of alignment with your true self and overwhelmed?

I totally get this as I have been there myself and so have so many of my clients, so you are not alone. 

Does this sound familiar?
  • You know what you want to change but just can't find the time

  • You start full of enthusiasm at the beginning of the month to create your goals but by week two life has taken over

  • It takes all of your energy to just get through the day

Disheartening, isn’t it?

There are so many soul-centred mums who give up because they find it just too much to do or just too difficult to make changes.

The Solution Is To Align With The Moon's Energy And Focus On Small Actions

The most common problem I see with spiritual mums  is that they have just too much to do, life is overwhelming and they try doing everything right now instead of focusing on what will bring them the best results, clarity and direction. Because you love your children deeply you just keep going which becomes part of this problem.

Imagine if you could:

  • Have the confidence to choose just ONE thing to change

  • Know where you should be focusing your energy 

  • Know what actions to focus on to achieve your goals

  • Nurture consistency until it becomes habit

  • Feel confident with your decisions

  • Feel confident to feel your emotions

  • Convert your goals & dreams into reality 

All this for the price of a couple of coffee dates!

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Moon Gazing Empowerment Journal

This journal allows you to decide the change you need and explore it through following the moon's phases and energy through its 29 ½ day cycle. Over 6 months you will start to develop new habits for success and identify patterns in your emotions. The act of moon alignment awakens your divine feminine energies and brings you into your motherhood goddess aspect. Combined with journaling and colouring this can have a profound effect on your wellbeing.

Here are the benefits:

  • Create a deeper connection to your intuition and seasonal self.

  • Work with the moon's energy to set intentions and create powerful changes.

  • Through journaling, reduce stress and create positive changes to your mood and emotions.

  • Through meditative colouring improve focus, reduce anxiety and  aid sleep.

  • Combine these benefits and you are on your way to the mum life you dream of.

How much is it you ask?

For the cost of your weekly takeaway, you can find clarity and purpose bringing sustainable change on your path to who you want to be.

ONLY £15

Who Is This Journal For?

It’s for you if you struggle with creating sustainable changes to your life.

It's for you if you feel lost in your identity as a spiritual mum.

It's for you if you feel called to awaken your divine feminine.

It’s for you if you long to work with the moon but don't know where to begin.

It’s for you if you have a small budget but need results.

It’s for you if you want to feel like you have a plan that has clarity and direction.

It’s for you if you want to embed change in your life and motherhood journey.

Who Is Nixie Foster?
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Nixie is a Moon Cycle Specialist, Pagan Artist, Author and Eco-Warrior empowering spiritual mums to discover their true self.


She is a solo parent to a young son and knows how chaotic and overwhelming mum life can be. 

She found the path back to herself when she began her journey to align with the moon's energy. By focusing on one significant change a month and small actions for each moon phase she began to step out of the shadow of overwhelm and into being the mum and woman she dreamt to be.


On a soul-led mission to make an impact in the spiritual spaces, Nixie is passionate in her efforts to bring products and services specific to her spiritual mum clients. The world of a spiritual, soul-led mum can be a chaotic place, gentle nurturing and the right guidance is needed to bloom and thrive.