Struggling to connect to your power as a mother?

My Elemental Motherhood Oracle Deck gently guides and nurtures you as you discover your truths and purpose.

I know how hard it is to feel you lost your identity of woman but haven't fully connected to your new role as a mum. We don't have the tribe or family around us in the way our mothers or ancestors had. In fact connecting to our strengths and understanding who we are will ignite our power. I have helped many women and mums over the years to find clarity and purpose empowering them to discover their true self and now I want to help you!

Are you fed up of feeling disconnected from yourself?

I totally get this as I have been there myself and so have so many of my clients, so you are not alone. 

Does this sound familiar?
  • You know who you want to be as a woman and a mother but just can't find your way.

  • You enthusiastically begin a new routine or activity only to discover it doesn't feel right.

  • It takes all of your energy just to get through the day.

Disheartening, isn’t it?

There are so many soul-centred mums who give up because they find it just too confusing or just too difficult to make changes.

The Solution Is Work With The Elemental Energies And Focus On Small Actions

I see over and over again how spiritual mums  feel disconnected from their truth, life is overwhelming and they try being everything they think is right instead of focusing on what will bring them the best results, clarity and direction. You give everything of yourself to the role of mother and this becomes part of the problem.

Imagine if you could:

  • Have the confidence to just be in your truth 

  • Know where you should be focusing your energy 

  • Know what actions to focus on to achieve your goals

  • Feel totally aligned with your actions and words

  • Feel confident with your decisions

  • Feel confident to feel your emotions

  • Be totally in the moment

All this for the price of a couple of coffee dates!

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Elemental Motherhood Oracle Deck

This card deck is a simple tool for positive change designed to be used from beginners to experts. The cards will guide and connect you to your self. Using this deck you will learn to trust your instincts, intuition and knowledge of self. The act of working with elemental energies awakens your divine feminine energies and brings you into your motherhood goddess aspect. 

Here are the benefits:

  • Create a deeper connection to your intuition and seasonal self.

  • Work with the elemental energies to guide you ignite you divine feminine energies and trust that energy.

  • Build a calm and responsive motherhood journey.

  • Through their positive messages and affirmations create positive changes to your mood and emotions.

  • Combine these benefits and you are on your way to the mum life you dream of.

How much is it you ask?

For the cost of your weekly takeaway, you can find clarity and purpose bringing sustainable change on your path to who you want to be.

ONLY £24.99

Who Is This Card Deck For?

It’s for you if you struggle with trusting you intuition and instincts.

It's for you if you feel lost in your identity as a spiritual mum.

It's for you if you feel called to awaken your divine feminine.

It’s for you if you long to connect to the elemental energies.

It’s for you if you have a small budget but need results.

It’s for you if you want to learn to work with oracle cards.

It’s for you if you want to embed change in your life and motherhood journey.

Who Is Nixie Foster?
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Nixie is a Moon Cycle Specialist, Pagan Artist, Author and Eco-Warrior empowering spiritual mums to discover their true self.


She is a solo parent to a young son and knows how chaotic and overwhelming mum life can be. 

She uses oracle cards as part of her daily spiritual practise helping her to tune into and trust her instincts. By connecting to elemental energies she began to step out of the shadow of overwhelm and into being the mum and woman she dreamt to be.


On a soul-led mission to make an impact in the spiritual spaces, Nixie is passionate in her efforts to bring products and services specific to her spiritual mum clients. The world of a spiritual, soul-led mum can be a chaotic place, gentle nurturing and the right guidance is needed to bloom and thrive.