How Much Could You Achieve If You Understood The Moon Phases? 

My free workbook on the eight phases of the moon contains a level of insight that will empower your feminine and awaken your goddess like nothing else you have experienced so far. 

It can feel confusing and complicated with all the information out there telling you that you should do this and that. As a divine feminine being you will be overwhelmed with the bombardment of what you should or shouldn't be doing at this phase of the moon. 

Are you fed up feeling overwhelmed by everything you have to do? 

I have been there myself but the more I aligned with the moon's energy the easier it was to be the woman and mother I dreamt to be. 

Does This Sound Familiar? 

● You set yourself goals and dreams but life gets in the way. 

● You constantly feel out of alignment with your true self. 

● You doubt your abilities. 

Frustrating, isn't it? 

It's not your fault, you have been led to distrust your divine feminine since you were born.

The Solution Lies In Aligning YOUR Energies With The Moon!

I see it all the time in my clients, overwhelmed, juggling your own womanhood, motherhood, your home and work life. I also have a young child, run my own business and find time to honour myself as a woman, and believe me there is a reason why women aligned with the moon seem to have and do more. 

Imagine if you could: 

● Feel like your goals are achievable, 

● That each day YOU are in control. 

● Make subtle changes that serve YOU 

● Avoid the overwhelm

● Feel confident with your decisions 

● Know what to do next because you have clarity and direction in your purpose. Convert your dreams into success 

All this for FREE! 

Into Alignment With The Moon

This free workbook teaches you the eight moon phases, the energies and actions to take at each phase and how to align your energies to that of the moon. Moon empowerment is your superpower. 

Who Is This Workbook For?

It’s for you if you are a soul-centred woman 

It’s for you if you have spent way too much time feeling overwhelmed 

It’s for you if you want to know more about your divine feminine energies It’s for you if you are ready to step into your divine feminine power 

It’s for you if you want to follow your dreams with confidence

Who Is Nixie Foster?
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Nixie is a Moon Cycle Specialist, Pagan Artist, Author and Eco-Warrior empowering spiritual mums to discover their true self. 

She is a solo parent to a young son and knows how chaotic and overwhelming mum life can be. 

She found the path back to herself when she began her journey to align with the moon's energy. By focusing on one significant change a month and small actions for each moon phase she began to step out of the shadow of overwhelm and into being the mum and woman she dreamt to be. 

Nixie has made it her mission to make a difference to spiritual mother's lives and this workbook is her offer to you to help you see your brilliance as a divine feminine being.