Baby Wellness Online

Exclusive Online Membership

Baby Wellness is focused on empowering mother. By focusing on you and baby and the love that flows between you together we learn yoga routines for morning soothing, developmental play, happy baby, sleep well & nurture bonding.

We build a massage routine which includes a remedial toolbox to enable you to help relieve baby from common infant ailments such as teething, wind, constipation, colic & sleep.

This Nurture Group aims to develop and build your bond with baby and support you in the early months.

For Babies 8-24 Weeks

Membership Details
  • Exclusive access to a secret group

  • One 30 minutes session a week

  • One weekly live on baby wellness

  • Once a month a expert guest on topics for new mums 

£25 per month

What is Baby Wellness?

For babies aged 8-24 weeks.


Balance and body awareness which are vital for more complex movements, coordination & baby hitting their milestones.


Activities for positive maternal, perinatal & infant mental health.


Baby massage, baby yoga, being held, loved and celebrated.

 Accessible to all. You don’t need to have done any yoga to join in, the yoga is for the babies.

A lot of stimulation so babies tend to sleep well afterwards.

Communication of security, love & trust to your baby through touch.

Learning techniques to soothe & calm your baby.

Learning to read baby’s cues.

A release of love hormones  to create a secure bond with your baby.