Hey awesome mummy,

I'm so pleased you have found me!

Hi I'm Nixie Foster the motherhood mentor with a twist. I take high achieving mums from exhausted, struggling and overwhelmed to living her life with purpose, passion and a deep connection to her higher self.

I am passionate about empowering mothers in matrescence using my unique mix of exploring your elemental archetype, harnessing crystal energies and moonwork through my online exclusive members group, 1:1 work, intimate group mentorship programme and workshops.


Are you a high achieving woman struggling to balance your identity as a new mum?

I've got you!

When I birthed my beautiful baby I fell completely in love. I didn't realise that I also birthed a mother and I struggled to find my place in motherhood.


I didn't feel aligned with the other mums, I wasn't excited by the places they hung out or the talk centred around nappies and sleep deprivation. At baby groups and mummy meet ups I felt like I had to hang Nixie up at the door & enter as baba's mummy. 

I felt I was letting him down by not being the best version of myself, I was consumed by mum guilt.

Then came the struggle to balance mummy, entrepreneur and woman. Working from home and nurturing my amazing baby was tough.

The physical, psychological and emotional changes you are feeling; that I went through has a name: Matrescence - the rite of passage to motherhood.

I spent the early months struggling to balance my identity alone. You don't need to! Let me share with you the  knowledge and wisdom that I gained through self-discovery, learning and application. 

Together we will work on your inner self, identify your motherhood archetype harness the energy of crystals, flow into alignment with the moon phases and shift those mummy struggles.

Crystal Moon Motherhood

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Were you a woman who knew her value & fought hard for her dreams?

  • Has motherhood thrown the unexpected in your way?

  • Have obstacles and struggles slowed your journey?

  • Are you feeling lost or a watered down version of you?

  • Do you feel shamed and fearful of judgement?

  • Are you struggling with overwhelm and mum guilt?

  • Do you love your child so much but feel urgh about yourself?

There is a better way!

  • Discover matrescence.

  • Learn your elemental motherhood archetype.

  • Harness crystal energy to banish the motherhood struggles.

  • Live in flow with the moon phases.

  • Be connected with your higher self.

  • Live with purpose and passion.

  • Be the best mum for you and your baby.


Are You Ready to Harness You & Your Motherhood Powers?

Crystal Moon Motherhood - The Memeber's Club is like no other membership. It's soul purpose is to transform your motherhood from the ordinary to the extraordinary!
It is about connection, energy, natural forces about tuning into you. Because everything you need is within you, sometimes you just need a spark to light up your inner light. That spark is this membership.
Here you will join a community of mothers just like you so there is no need to hide your authentic self. 
When you  join you will have access to my Motherhood Elemental Archetype quiz, rituals for the new and full moon each month, training on harnessing crystal energy to benefit your life, sacred space circles, breathwork, meditation and the most important of all insight and guidance on how to process your matrescence journey.  
Say hello to your motherhood full of purpose, passion and a deep connection to your self and soul. 

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new."


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